Monday, March 2, 2015

three flowers styled three ways

With Spring right around the corner, I thought this was a good time to post about a much needed dose of bright, cheery flowers! Because frankly, I'm quite over winter.

A little while ago, Robyn Moreno put me up to the challenge to style three different blooms, three different ways. I've shared this before but wanted to really break down the three separate projects.

All blooms are from the grocery store and the idea was to keep it quick, easy, and inexpensive!



> SECOND CHALLENGE... Hydrangeas

> THIRD CHALLENGE... Carnations

> Watch the Video for step-by-step instructions on how to create these easy DIY centerpieces.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

my recent Hudson Woods interview

I was recently interviewed about my ongoing styling work with Hudson Woods! Head over to the Angle Agency to read about how nature and the environment inspires the styling and the biggest challenges (and rewards!) of working on a project like this one.

A large part of the project centers around a collaboration with nature. How did the setting inspire your work? 

I grew up in the Hudson Valley so its always felt so authentic for me to incorporate the natural surroundings into my work, especially for a project based in the middle of the woods. Environment plays a big role in how we style our interiors and it's often a subconscious reaction to what we're seeing, hearing or smelling. The Catskill Mountains contains so much beauty -- it's only natural that items discovered in the surrounding woods would find themselves in the decor. I wanted the styling in Hudson Woods to seem as if the homeowners organically and over time brought the outside in; fallen feathers haphazardly arranged in a collection of vintage bottles, found rocks lining the corners of windowsills, and cut branches instead of the expected flower arrangement. It's the small touches that speak collectively and drive home the lifestyle you could have in these home.

How has this project differed from your other work?

Most of my work has been specifically for photo shoots, so it is temporary and fleeting. This project is a permanent home on view to the public and is very much a combination of interior design and styling. My work at Hudson Woods is ongoing so I've been able to add layers and adjust over time, incorporate the seasons, and so on. Additionally, the home is furnished with pieces from small and independent designers with an overall attention to quality, craftsmanship and detail. Each item brought in acknowledges and compliments that aesthetic.

What has been the biggest challenge at Hudson Woods? 

When first approached, I was humbled and excited that a team with such strong design sense would trust my eye. Since I'm based in New York City the biggest challenge is traveling up to the site every weekend. But once I'm there, I understand the magic of escaping the city to a cabin in the woods.

> Read the rest of the interview HERE.

> More info can be found at

Video: Watch the construction time lapse showing the process of the model home from ground breaking to the summer launch party....


Monday, February 9, 2015

foxfire mountain house

For those of you who follow my blog, Instagram or Facebook, you'll already know my affection for the Hudson Valley/Catskills area; it's home. Funny though, as kids growing up here (as it usually is where ever you grow up), we couldn't wait "to leave." And so I did! I headed to to big, bright city for college. But just as I'm now actually able to afford living in NYC ($$$), all I want to do is get back to the country and renovate something of my own. In due time though, it's a dream not a rush!

Just as I thought my home-land couldn't get any better, along comes another reason to make more trips out of the city; the Foxfire Mountain House. This is the newest inn/restaurant to pop up in this area, due to open Summer 2015. Currently the Cottage is available to rent via airbnb, which makes me seriously consider a stay-cation!

The owners Tim and Eliza troll flea markets, local antique stores and craigslist for pieces to restore and fill this new property. Their aesthetics seem to be part John Derian/part rustic-cool with lots and lots of white (my favorite color).

Behold the design-goodness of this newest Catskill endeavor (photos via Foxfire Mountain House and Escape Brooklyn)......

Friday, January 30, 2015

kids art: boys

Designing for kids can be tough because they like what they like and aren't necessarily always concerned with aesthetics. 

I'm currently designing a bedroom for a 10-year-old boy who's a HUGE sports fanatic. The challenge is not to go so literal with his love of sports (there's nothing worse that a theme room!) while still giving him a space that portrays his love for the athletics.

These are some great options from a go-to source 20x200. They're clearly sporty but definitely riding on that cool-factor. Keep the mat and frame simple and these pieces will have a longevity that could last well into adulthood.

My round-up of art for girls next week!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

interior inspiration

I recently came across this home of Kelly Sawyer Patricof, Creative Director of LA boutique Satine, on Rip + Tan.

Loving all the neutrals mixed in with antique and modern pieces -- this home definitely speaks to my California sensibility (and white being my favorite 'color').

Hope you drool over this as much as I have been......

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a favorite styling item...

Often times my job not only requires me to make a space look good, but often feel good. And the easiest way to do that is with one of my favorite styling items. This is an item I have used over and over, again and again for both myself and for my clients.

I bet you can guess.... it's the religious candle! (or known fondly as the 'Jesus Candle')

The best thing about religious candles is their price -- $1.00! -- dirt cheap at the Dollar Store or at your local grocery store/Bodega.

The dollar price means you can buy lots and lots with out breaking the bank, and I think they look great en masse. I used them in bulk around the pool at the past summer's Hudson Wood's launch party (below), and just a few in my own apartment (above).

The also last fooorreeevvverrr so they're ideal for events and parties when you can't be worrying about the candles burning out and the glass container keeps the wax from dripping and spilling.

See? They're just the best!

I prefer the all white versions, but for a quirkier look, they come in a variety of color with religious images.

Candles are the easiest way to set an ambiance, either a festive and celebratory one, a romantic one, or a calm and relaxing one. I keep these religious candles on hand at all times and seriously use them for many of my projects.

Other uses could be lining stair steps as seen via Cottage and Vine...

You can also decorate the outside glass with gold leaf as seen here...

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